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Happy 4th of July! This morning we proudly raised the flag on our brand new, beautiful, flag pole. We honored our country and those who’ve paid the ultimate price of freedom today by raising the flag and saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

I am utterly amazed at how supportive our alumni continue to be in supporting Camp Huawni. As many of you know, our flagpole, which sits atop Flagpole Hill, was in dire need of replacement. Flagpole Hill is a pivotal location at Camp; it’s where we start every day and raise the red, white, and blue, along with the lone star and tribal comp flags.

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed our alumni requesting support to buy a new flagpole. Within about 3 hours, our alumni donated a whopping $2,450, more than enough to buy a 35-foot commercial satin flagpole and new, large flags.

I want to say a big thank you to the following folks who made this project happen:

  • Carie and Frederic Lalou
  • George Trout
  • Jason Trout
  • Molly and Bradley Taylor
  • Kathryn Cashion
  • Jeanna and David Brown
  • Hellen Bolt
  • Joseph Kalinowski
  • Kara and Trey McAfee
  • Gary & Susie Patterson

We hope you alumni can come out this summer to visit and help us raise the flag!

Right now we just kicked off our 4th of July Celebration. We’re having a big hamburger cookout on Flagpole Hill. Camper are eating hamburgers, throwing the frisbee, and enjoying time together as they sit back in their adirondack chairs. It’s cooled down a bit here and we’ve got a steady breeze sweeping across camp. Following the cookout, Caddo and Tejas will compete in our first Tribal Competition team event, soccer. After the soccer match, we’ll all gather on Flagpole Hill to watch the famous TNT Huawni Firework Show! I’d like to say a big thank you to Tad Trout, and the whole Trout Family, for once again donating fireworks from TNT. They’ve been our fireworks sponsor for so many years we’ve lost count. Thank you Trout Family for continuing to invest in the kids here at Huawni.

Soon we’ll be playing Lee Greenwood on the PA, with a whole host of other traditional Huawni 4th of July songs.

Thank you for letting us share the 4th with your kiddos!

Grateful for our freedom!


Matt Gregory strings up the final flags on our new flagpole.