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Camp continues to run smoothly and we are continuing to enjoy this beautiful sunshine. Last evening we hosted the Talent Show. Our master of ceremonies for the night were Tarzan (Caleb Shannon) and Jane (Reagan Sheffield), and campers put on a big show of talent. Talent Show is a big opportunity for encouragement, and campers were encouraged act after act last night.

Today we tweaked the schedule and surprised kids with Choice. They essentially got to pick whatever activity they wanted, with many choosing to dash towards the Critter Pond. This evening we gathered in the Dining Hall for Skit Night. Each cabin created their own unique Skit in hopes of winning the spirit stick. It was a close race, and Pine Top ending up winning! They did a skit on what Camp meant to them. They’d hold up a sign with a sentimental message, then they’d flip it over showing a funny or quirky memory that happened at Camp.

I spent a lot of my today with our American Camping Association visitors. Since we’re an accredited ACA Camp, we get tested in hundreds of safety and operational guidelines. I’m happy to say that we had a great inspection and we’re hoping to pass with flying colors. I’ll try and update you soon on more details of what all that involves.

We are about to gear up for Tribal Competition Team announcements. After we do, I’ll post our new Caddo and Tejas team inductees. I’ll even put up some links for you parents that want to buy them Caddo and Tejas gear. They’ll get their first chance to wear it tomorrow night during our first Tribal Competition team event, soccer.

Stay tuned!


The oldest girls selected to play Huawni Uprising on Wednesday.

Kole gets ready for the egg toss!