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Believe it or not, we’re already spending a considerable amount of time and energy this fall recruiting the very best counseling staff that we can for Summer 2016. Consistency is a very big priority for us. One of our ongoing top priorities is to retain as many counseling staff as possible so that 1) our counselors can form long-standing, consistent relationships with our campers over time and 2) so that we have more time to invest in our counselors as we encourage them to thrive in who God made them to be.

It was also good to see our Huawni Families echo the importance of this priority. To read more about this, take a look at our 2015 Summer Recap.

20 Huawni Staff Are Already Signed Up for 2016!

I’m overjoyed to announce that we already have 20 stellar counselors on board for 2016 who served on staff this past summer. Who’s coming back? Meet our staff here!

We often say that our counseling staff is the heartbeat of our organization, so you can imagine how vitally important it is to recruit and retain world-class counselors. Two questions I’d like to answer today are:

  1. Who do we recruit?
  2. How do we recruit?

Who do we recruit?

As my grandfather Daddy Earl said, “We recruit counselors we want our kids to grow up and be like.” More specifically, we’re looking for young people who 1) know and can embrace Huawni Tradition 2) have vibrant, kid-friendly personalities and 3) live out integrity. We also look for counselors who want to both invest in campers and be invested in over the long-haul of their college career.

How do we recruit?

We spend considerable time recruiting young people recommended by our best counselors. We also look for organizations that align with what we look for in potential staff (see above). And finally, we get a lot of applications from those who have found the Camp Huawni website and who are gifted and passionate about what we do. Young people have a plethora of options these days when it comes to how they spend their summers. We strongly believe that working as a counselor at Camp Huawni is one of the most valuable jobs a college student can experience. For those of you who’ve been on the Huawni Staff, you know this to be true. Not convinced? Read this article titled Don’t Work at Summer Camp. Ge a Real Job.

I am also very grateful for Kelsey Biscoe, our women’s staff director, and our year-round staff who continue to invest their heart and soul into bringing back the very best staff in 2016. We are well on our way.

Do you know a high school senior or college young person you’d like your kids to grow up and be like? Have them go to camphuawni.com/apply today to apply to be on the Huawni Staff.

Former Huawni Counselors, how did working on staff prepare you for success in your career?

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