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Things are moving along in our bring back the ropes course project. Just this past week we began clearing the area where the new high ropes will go! It’s right across the rock road from the Critter Pond and centrally located to camp. It’s turning out to be a beautiful spot with lots of pines and hardwoods. Our hope is that, just like on the original Huawni course, you’ll feel like you’re in the trees!!

Once we get done clearing the area we’ll have Rope Works come out and begin building the course. We are very excited and hopeful it will be ready before summer time 2016!! We’ll keep you posted!


Before pic….Reed and I measuring the the ropes area in the pineywoods

Caddo showed us his high ropes skills as we were measuring where to clear.

After pic….we’re clearing 700 feet of woodlands right near main campus for our new high ropes course.