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Summer camp is filling up, and I wanted to be sure and let all our Huawni Families know what spots are available. Please know that these numbers are as of this morning, so more campers may have signed up for some of these spots since then.

Session 1

Boys Camp – Only 3 bunks available for 9th-11th graders
Girls Camp – 1/2 full, bunks available for 2nd-11th graders

Session 2

Boys Camp – 100% Full, Waiting list only
Girls Camp – Only 4 bunks available for 7th-11th graders

Session 3

Boys Camp – Only 1 bunk available for 1st-4th grader
Girls Camp – 80% Full, bunks available for 1st-4th graders & 6th-11th graders

Session 4

Boys Camp – bunks available
Girls Camp – bunks available

If your session of choice is full, please know that you can sign up for another session and also be placed on the waiting list of your preferred session of choice. We hope you find the bunk you want!!

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