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Camp is only 25 days away and our team is working extremely hard to get in summer camp shape.

We’re trying to wrap up several projects as well as do the things we normally do to get camp in tip top shape.

The volleyball court is coming along nicely. Reed and Mike have been working diligently to finish the berm around the perimeter of the courts. We also need to finish moving all the dirt that we dug out; you’d be amazed how much dirt lies beneath the area of two volleyball pits! We’ve got plenty of areas on campus that could use new topsoil, so for that we’re grateful.

Today we spent a lot of energy and resources working on the campus lawns. Reed and Mike fertilized all of campus using a new handy fertilizer trailer spreader.

And finally, we’re still hoping for dry weather so that we can begin the ropes course project. As many of you know, it’s been a record winter and spring for rain. As soon it dries up, we hope to get started with clearing the land where the high ropes will go. We’re not sure yet when or if this will be done by camp gets here, but we’re doing out best!

Leadership also started to get to Camp this week. Kelsey Biscoe is on the ground and has been helping out today. She’s been a big boost as we continue to mark projects off our list.

Enjoy the pics…camp is really looking beautiful!

Reed and Mike are hard at work clearing out the old pool shed area.

Reed was busy today fertilizing the soccer field.

The new volleyball courts are getting closer to being finished! We still have to finish the berm around the edges and plant grass.

The Jeep is ready to see you campers!