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This week I got to catch up with a Huawni alumnus and camper parent who is preparing for a 125 mile race through the mountains. She and her twin sister will essentially run one marathon per day for 5 days!

These twin sisters were both long-time Huawni campers, and some could argue that they got their running start running the Camp Road. Back when we used to do the Huawni Fun Run, the Ware sisters would keep up with some of our fastest directors, like Gary Patterson.

I took my first official run on the Camp Road yesterday, and was reminded of the beauty and simplicity of God’s creation. We really were made to play outdoors, and I was able to experiencing that on my jog, which is exactly 2.0 miles from the big pine tree by the Jeep Shed to the mailbox and then back. The smell of honeysuckle was oh so sweet when I hit the last hill nearing FM 1645. The sun setting over the pines was an added bonus. It was a divine run.

Thanks to our Shelby County road crew, the road was smoothed out this week. With only 26 days until Camp, the Camp Road is ready for our camp joggers and walkers!

Starting at the pine by the Jeep Shed, it’s exactly a mile to the Camp mailbox.

Ahh…the Camp sign!

One of the sweetest smells..honeysuckle!

Half way point!

Touch the mailbox and you’re halfway home!

The road that leads to our second home.

What’s your favorite memory of running the Camp Road?

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