Hike to the carving trees is possibly my most favorite special activity at Camp. I have fond memories as a camper, and yesterday I got to witness a handful of campers ascend upon the Pinson Creek for the first time. It was pure fun and campers got muddier than ever. Juanse cut up 15 ice-cold watermelon; they were delicious. Many campers spent the afternoon trying to throw watermelon in a whole a top a huge beech tree. Every time someone threw it in, the crowd applauded. Even Mandi, my wife, at 22 weeks pregnant, threw it in the hole!

Last night we got to partake in cookout, storytelling, and truck/trailer ride. Hot dogs were made to order, and Mr. Mike Adams told the story of the Blue Wolf, Joe Shields, and the Wild Woman. We hopped on three trailers and set off to look for the Wild Woman on the truck ride. We finished the evening with a sing song for the older campers (the little kids were zonked, so they went to bed earlier) at the pool. I sang You Are My Sunshine, Salty Dog, Preacher and the Bear, Long Black Veil, a new song I wrote for my son Barrett, Mandi’s Song, Bobby McGee, and the Camp Song.

Today the kids are enjoying Connect, which is where we give them a terrible schedule, but then let them choose their own activities for the day. Tonight will be soccer, swim, and snow cones. Camp is already half way over….we can’t believe it! We’re going to soak up these next few days.

Kenlee was all in for the mud fight.

Carving is a long-held tradition on this hike.

Kelsey gets a mud hug!

Cookout is a laid back time to laugh with friends and eat Huawni hot dogs!

Homesick Update

We are now seeing some of our most homesick kiddos making great strides. Usually after day 3 or 4 here at Huawni most homesick cases are over, and that seems to be the case this week. I wish we had another week with them so that we could continue to invest in them post them experiencing a homesick victory.

For you parents who’ve gotten letters from your children, what are you observing about their camp experience thus far?

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