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Last night Caddo squared off against Tejas in our first team competition of the session. Tejas won soccer, winning one match 2-0 and the other match 2-1. Way to go Dominique S. (CaddoO and Constance W. (Tejas), Marin L. (Tejas), and Bobby C. (Tejas) for all scoring a goal! Instead of talking a lot about what happened last night, I’ve decided to tell last night’s story with pictures. I got to use our new Canon Ultrasonic zoom lens, and I think these pictures tell it all. Also, thank you to our photo team who took some of these as well! I hope you enjoy them!

Marin and Caden duel it out at midfield.

Tess was in full Caddo mode!

Lauren with her game face on too!

Mike surges ahead for a goalie kick.

Mateo readies for a goalie kick.

Morgan eyes the throw in.

Caddo was in good spirits, despite the outcome!

Tejas on the sidelines

Jack advances the ball ready to score!

Ansley hustles down the line.

Caitlin poised to defend!

Annie has her game face on as the sun sets.

Zachary dribbles downfield.

Sam cheers on his defenders as goalie.

Bo makes a great save!

Tejas in good spirits!

Marin takes dead aim!

Hike to the Carving Trees

Yesterday afternoon we officially unwound a bit as we headed into the weekend. For you long-time Huawni Families, you know that the weekend gives more of a chance for unstructured play and rest. We purposely slow down the schedule to give campers a chance to catch their breath from the first week of Camp. We hiked a half a mile down the camp road to the Pinson Creek and indulged in our traditional mud fight, followed up with iced down watermelon. With the sun out, the creek was a nice respite from the heat.

Paige gets mudded:)

Nathanael enjoys a bit of mud in the face!

Cookout Tonight!

Tonight we’ll have an early dinner with a cookout with live music on the front lawn, followed by story telling, a trailer ride, and we’ll yet again go hunting (or more appropriate….searching) for the Wild Woman. We’ll wind tonight up with a sing song at the pull underneath the starts. The weather today is full of sunshine, so for that we’re grateful. We’ll keep you posted.

For those of you parents who have received a letter home, we’d love to know what your camper is experiencing. Feel free to share your stories below.