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Tuesday was another full day of activities, and then in the evening we all headed out to the Initiation Pond for fishing. Of course, here at Huawni, we go old school by using cane poles. The fish were biting last night, and in true Huawni style, campers were kissing the fish they caught before tossing them back into the pond. We also had a the great treat of witnessing the Session 3 Squaw Relay last night. The Squaw relay is a girl counselor canoe race where they race one another on teams and then have to fend off the sharks (a.k.a. men’s staff) who are hoping to tip their canoes in the water. Jessie Trespeses and Britnie Dixon won the race, and nearly all the sharks were successful. This is a fun way to entertain campers, and you can see from the one picture below that campers love it. It’s kind of like a rodeo on the pond.

Counselors also competed in the chubby bunny contest. I actually participated and placed 3rd; my mouth could only hold 10 marshmellows. Kuddos to girls staff for whipping me with somewhere around 20!!

We winded down the evening with sing song. Midway through I told the story of Asia Jones, who owned the Camp Huawni land before Daddy Earl bought it and started Huawni. In fact, Asia terraced the hillside that is now Flagpole Hill. Last night’s lineup for sing song included You Are My Sunshine, Froggy Went a Courtin’, Salty Dog, Red House, Wagon Wheel, Bear’s Song (a new one I wrote for my sun Barrett), Shelby County Breeze, Home (a song I wrote for my wife Mandi), and the Camp Song.

Last night we actually had a very gentle but sturdy breeze, the pink and purple sky glowed on and through the Initiation Pond, and it was very pleasant. I very much enjoyed the kids and sing song last night…it was a great way to end our second day here at Camp.

Tucker gets launched at Critter!

Alyssa enjoys storytelling and sing song at fishing.

During the squaw relay, campers looked on as sharks (aka men’s staff) chased the squaw canoes.

Juliette grabs a worm!

Eli & Taylor pose for a pic by the iPond.

Caitlin & Kathy doing a little cane pole fishing

Also, this just in, Playday was today!! Also, campers are gearing up for Skit Night tonight. More to come….stay in touch!

Parents, what tradition have you seen at camp thus far on the blog that brings back memories for you at Huawni (or memories your child has shared with you)?