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Camp is moving right along here in Shelby County. Last night we made the half-mile hike to the Initiation Pond for Fishing. For a lot of our campers, this is the only time they get to fish with a cane pole, something of a lost past time. This simple activity is quite a hit for campers. In addition to fishing, campers enjoyed throwing the frisbee and football, eating s’mores, watching the counselor’s compete in chubby bunny, and just sitting laughing with friends. We finished the evening with another Sing Song and the telling of the Asia Jones story. I played _You Are My Sunshine, Froggie Went a Courtin’, Wagon Wheel, Bear’s Song, Shelby County Breeze, Mandi’s Song, and the Camp Song. Again last night the sky was crystal clear and full of stars. Campers seemed to really be getting into the swing of this session.

Poles were out at the Initiation Pond (a.k.a. the iPond)

The Trolley ends in a splash into the Critter Pond.

Phantom’s Playday

This morning at Flag Raising, campers were in for a surprise! It was Phantom’s Playday, and we surprised the campers by gathering around our assistant director Juanse at flag raising to sing him happy birthday. About midway through singing, we started playing Chicken Train, the song that signifies the beginning of Playday, and counselors begin to throw campers into the pool! Don’t worry, we had lifeguards and counselors on duty to make sure everything was safe, and we had a successful and safe morning! Girls Camp spent the rest of the morning playing crazy games, including the egg toss, pie in the eye, ice water on the counselors back, and the minnow chase. This session there was a twist to minnow chase, as girl campers had to catch a minnow and then slide down the slip-n-slide to their counselor team captain. Boys Camp hiked to the Initiation Pond area for an epic game of Huawni Uprising. They were decked out in camo as they played a huge game of capture the flag, using open brown pine cones as ammo. They ended the morning munching on ice-cold watermelon, courtesy of Juanse and Christian.

Just as we were signing happy birthday to Juanse, we hit Chicken Train and campers scattered!

There’s no escaping Playday!

Although Juanse tricked the campers, the campers got the last laugh by tossing him into the pool!

Lucy couldn’t escape the Phantom either!

Today is running along pretty smoothly, as we’ve resumed regular activities this afternoon. Tonight is Skit Night, and campers have been preparing for it during rest period. Can’t wait to see their collaboration and creativity in tonight’s skits!

What’s been your favorite activity to see so far at Camp?