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At sing song we sing a song my father wrote called Summer. One of the lines says “how days looked to are now the past, and good it is that memories last of this summer.” This is very true of this Friday here in Session 3.


Last night we celebrated as a Camp at the North Country Fair, this year’s celebration theme. It was an outdoor celebration, and campers enjoyed bounce houses, cotton candy, root beer floats, and carnival games. The skillet served as a dance floor, and with lights strung all around, the front yard was turned into a beautiful fair grounds.

Face painting was a favorite activity at Celebration.

Summer Tree

This morning we gathered together at Summer Tree. Summer Tree was a tradition started by my father Mike Adams. Dad wanted to create a time for camp to gather all together and practice verbalizing how we feel about each other on the back end of a two-week session. This has become quite a tradition here at Huawni, and it’s a very special time. Here’s the poem Dad wrote, which I read on the front end of Summer Tree this morning to all of camp.

The Legend of the Summer Tree

I was birthed in the days of the Indians, So my summer number more, Than the youthful eyes who gather, ‘Neath my boughs to share their lore, I yearn to send my wisdom down, So innocence is spared, But innocence and wisdom, Together found are rare, So I’ll offer just a moment, When truth is uttered here, By those who stand beneath my limbs, And share with others dear. No false word can be spoken, As time is frozen still, To ’neath here another day, To remember, to embrace until, The hearts are made to laugh again, And say the thoughts they feel, A dream come true, a special time, No other place so real. My listening limbs do cover, These youthful souls so free, I cradle for time the friendships born, I am the Summer Tree.

True things and heart felt love was shared this morning. I got to witness brothers and sisters saying “I love you” in front of all of camp. I got to see campers affirming campers in the most unique and specific ways. I got to see the close friendships between campers and counselors. The impact of only two weeks still astounds me when I hear a 7 year old articulate the love they have for their friends. Tears were shared. As the breeze whispered through the trees, you could feel the weight of a loving family sharing things that mattered.

With only one day left of Camp, we’re enjoying our last moments together.

Critter Pond Mixer & Initiation

This afternoon campers enjoyed Critter Pond Mixer, which is a big celebration at the Critter Pond. Campers get to get in as many Critter jumps as possible to last them for the rest of the year. Counselors also competed in the longest football throw contest, something that’s become a new tradition in the last few years.

Tonight we’ll be heading to the Initiation Pond for Initiation. Initiation is a solemn ceremony and we’re looking forward to welcoming in 16 new initiates into the Huawni Family. We’ll also find out who our princess and chief will be for the session. The sun is setting right now and the weather is pretty perfect. We’ll see you tomorrow parents!!

Closing Day Details

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Closing Day for Session 3. Baggage pickup is from 9am to 9:45am, and then we’ll start closing ceremonies at 10am in the Dining Hall. Gates open at 9am, and please know that you may be in your car for a bit, but that’s only because we’ll be loading up your child’s luggage before you ever step out of the car. This is a much improved process over past years. It’s actually much quicker and easier on you parents. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!