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Thursday night we almost 60 campers into both Caddo and Tejas Tribal Competition Tribes. A flaming “C” and “T” were lit the tribal competition fire behind the Snake Pond as we began the ceremony. We are very excited to start tribal competition!

Ready to see your camper’s tribe? Here’s the list!

Red Caddo

Emily E.
Rayleigh P.
Lilly M.
Meaghan D.
Eloise D.
Kylie S.
Maya M.
Michelle M.
Callie C.
Brennan H.
Rylie L.
Brooke F.
Paige F.
Alex C.
Cawren R.
Lucy G.
Emily V.
Daniel G.
Gage L.
Parker J.
Kenneth H.
Cooper L.
Braeden M.
David G.
Chris A.
Miguel M.
Carter M.
Andy D.
Bennett M.

Erin E.- Caddo Princess
Emily V.- Caddo Miss Huawni Representative

Blue Tejas

Emma T.
Frances C.
Mary Caroline C.
Scout L.
Gwen H.
Anna S.
Kayla Z.
Vivian R.
Rylee M.
Taylor R.
Tabitha S.
Sydney K.
Mary W.
Olivia T.
Melissa B.
Jill F.
Kara A.
Devin L.
Jay S.
Maddex P.
Aiden O.
Ashton M.
Gabriel Z.
Gavin B.
Liam M.
Aidan P.
Gabriel M.
Chase S.
C.J. H.
Kaleb S.
Matthew A.

Caitlyn B.- Tejas Princess
Mary W.- Tejas Miss Huawni Representative

Want to get your camper Tejas or Caddo gear?

For you parents who’d like to send your camper Caddo or Tejas camp wear, you can do so here. Be sure and select the pickup option.


The last two days we’ve started individual competition at activities, and last night Caddo played Tejas in the first Huawni match of the session. Caddo ended up winning soccer and getting a head start towards winning the prized golden pine cone.

This afternoon we’re headed to the Carving Trees for a little hike and ice-cold watermelon. Tonight is cookout, storytelling, truck ride, and sing song. And yes, we’ll be looking for the Wild Woman on the truck ride!