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Thursday at Camp we had a full day of Connect, where campers got to pick their favorite activities with their counselors. Then last night we had our Tribal Competition Fire Ceremony, where our first year, two-week campers were inducted onto either the Caddo or Tejas tribe.

Kudos to Reed Grant, Juanse Ramirez, and our work crew who built a beautiful bonfire, along with a flaming “C” and “T”, representative of our two tribes. The setting last night was beautiful. We had a full moon and the stars were shining ever so brightly.

So I know you’re probably ready for the team announcements. Here’s our newest Caddo and Tejas members!!

Red Caddo

Gray B.
Henry B.
Cody T.
Abigale B.
Bree B.
Renee T.
Sailor S.
Jessica Y.
Samantha F.
Abby L.
Caroline B.
Riley T.
Alyssa N.
Juliette F.
Katie R.
Angelica G.

Ben B. – Caddo Chief
Ava M. – Caddo Miss Huawni Representative

Blue Tejas

Chayton R.
Wyatt W.
Brayden D.
Stone M.
Jake T.
Robby D.
Colton L.
Joseph F.
Samantha G.
Ella F.
Bella P.
Destiny K.
Brylee B.
Madison C.

Carrah B. – Tejas Princess
Annmarie T. – Tejas Miss Huawni Representative

The tribal competition fire burns, along with the Caddo

Caddo and Tejas new tribe members signed their tribe books in last night’s ceremony.

For you parents who’d like to send your camper Caddo or Tejas camp wear, you can do so here. Be sure and select the pickup option.

Today we’ve started individual competition at activities, and this afternoon we’re going on the Hike to the Carving Trees. Tonight will be our first team competition, Huawni Soccer. We’ll keep you posted!

Hammocking is a popular past time here at Huawni.