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Happy Monday! We are now in week two of the session and camp is running smoothly.

I forgot to update our parents on Soccer Friday Night, so here’s a quick recap. Caddo won soccer 3-1 in a very close match. Marcus F. scored two goals for Caddo on a couple of nifty shots. William L. also notched a goal for Caddo. Tejas’s lone goal came from a Bobby C. throw in as it deflected off the goalie. I was really encouraged by both tribes’ sportsmanship.

We had a really relaxing Sunday. We slept in until 9am and hopped on the trailers for a Sunday stroll to the Little Red Church. I shared with campers briefly about how they are uniquely and wonderfully made by God and then led camp in singing God is So Good, He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands, and Father I Adore You. It was a cool moment singing Father I Adore You knowing that it was Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads! I reminded campers of how we have a perfect Daddy in God who loves us more than we could ever imagine. Next, Erin, Anna, and Thomas led us in worship followed by the skit You Are Special. I really enjoyed watching this skit put on by our counselors because it was a great reminder that we are wonderfully made by our Maker and the dots only stick if we let them. Matt Gilham shared a short message on the parable of the prodigal son, and God’s unending, never giving-up, unfailing love. What I maybe love most about the Little Red Church is that despite campers’ background or denomination, campers can come just as they are and experience closeness to God. They have the space to encounter God on their own. It was a special morning.

Sunday afternoon was Choice, and we opened up water activities and went on the Sunday Hike. We took a different route this Sunday, meandering our way over the OC foot bridge, hanging a left back towards the Ethel Place, and winding up at the actual Joe Shields barn. It was a muggy day, but the ice-cold watermelon sufficed our quenched bellies. This is probably one of my favorite times during our two week sessions, and yesterday was extra special because I got to enjoy with with both Bear (his first Sunday Hike) and my father Mike.

Cade’s quote from the hike:

Bear enjoyed his first Sunday Hike with Daddy Mike.

While teams were battling it out in the College World Series in Omaha, Camp Huawni was hosting our own Wiffleball World Series. In game one, Caddo beat Tejas in extra innings 1-0 as Grant A. hit a ground ball single with the bases loaded. In game two, Tejas tooke a 5-1 victory. Knotted at tie, Caddo and Tejas will play two more games on Tuesday night.

Today we enjoying regular activities, and at OC, swim, hotshot, archery, and bikes campers are competing for their tribes overall point total.

Also, I’ve been extra encouraged by our campers who have overcome homesickness. This session really is hitting their stride and soaking up each day and the new experiences to be had. We are enjoying week 2!!

The girls stop for a photo on the back trail towards the Joe Shields barn.