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Wednesday here at Camp Huawni was anything but normal. We woke up to more sunshine, and as we pledged the flag, a familiar tune kicked on the pa. Chicken Train blared from Flagpole Hill and Playday had officially begun. Few campers made it to breakfast dry! As Girls Camp readied for Playday, Boys Camp searched for pine cones and put on camo paint for a traditional game of Huawni Uprising.

Playday one of a handful of days that has no real agenda, other than goofy, spontaneous fun and laughter with friends. It’s a time to be wacky, zaney, and more than anything, yourself. This morning simple fun was enjoyed as girls camp competed (a loose term for Playday) in the Egg Toss, Pie in the Eye, Minnow Chase, and Ice Water on the Counselor’s Back. We have been doing these Playday activities for decades now. They never get old, and they continue to spark both camper and counselors’ inner kid.

Harper was on the run once we hit Chicken Train!

Meanwhile, in Boys Camp, Sargent Juantanamo (Juanse) and Private Bay (myself) lead the boys over to the Initiation Pond for some Huawni Uprising and ice-cold watermelon. We had fun playing the roles of two really serious military leaders. Our strict orders only brought more laughter and smirks from the boys camp militia that had gathered for a good old fashion game of capture the flag. Boys embraced their time in the woods, and memories were captured.

Uprising is a prime catalyst in bringing out the adventure in every boy.

Tonight we will be hosting Skit Night. Camp is going smoothly and we will continue to keep you posted!!