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Wednesday has been another pleasant day here at camp. This morning we enjoyed more regular activities and this afternoon we hiked about a half mile down the camp road to the Carving Trees. There a good old mud fight ensued followed by ice-cold watermelon.

On the walk there I got a chance to walk with the youngest boys. As you can imagine, we we were not the fastest hiking group. About fifty yards into our hike the boys noticed that I had a walking stick. It was given to me a few years ago by one of our camp families. Soon, I noticed one camper had grabbed himself a walking stick he had found along the path. Further down the road, three or four more boys had walking sticks. By the time we made it to Make It or Break It Hill most all the boys had found a walking stick.

I was quickly reminded of how impressionable campers are. They really do imitate their counselors. In Orientation we hosted camper parents who led a panel with our counselors, and one of our parents said, “My hope was that my kids imitate you.” To take it further, it is vital that we have counselors that are worthy of being imitated. I can honestly say that this summer’s counselors are top notch and worthy of being imitated. I have already been encouraged on multiple occasions this session seeing and hearing stories of how your Huawni Staff is making a lasting impact on your children. Their walking sticks are ones that I want Barrett and John Brooks to pick up, and I am certain you will feel the same way.

We are now gearing up for cookout and truck ride. Mr. Mike (my father) will be doing the story telling and we will end with a sing song under the stars. It has been another great day!