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Thursday night camp gathered in the Dining Hall for the famous, famous, most famous Huawni Talent Show. Talent Show has been a part of Camp Huawni for as long as I can remember, and we host it every summer so that campers are encouraged and get the chance to conquer the challenge of getting on stage. This happened again on Thursday evening, and we are so very proud of the 23 acts that shared their talent with us!

Following Talent Show campers huddled up on the Front Yard as we began the Tribal Competition Fire Ceremony. Native American music played over the speakers as campers found out which team they would be on for the remainder of their years at Huawni. We are excited to announce the new members of both the Caddo and Tejas tribes!!

Red Caddo Tribe Members

Anderson M.
Darien G.
Evan C.
Ryan E.
Aiden G.
Dedrien G.
Patricio M.
Patrick L.
Zeno H.
Ava F.
Lauren E.
Lily E.
Michael Anne M.
Moya H.
Danyelle M.
Emma C.
Lucy M.
Brayton A.
Aydin R.
Jeremiah L.
John Michael M.
Alannah L.
Molly M.
Sloan H.

Blue Tejas Tribe Members

Etan A.
Jacob A.
James R.
Tristan P.
Wyatt C.
Chace A.
Drake A.
Jacob L.
Addison D.
Gabriella C.
Aubree M.
Claire S.
Eden R.
Kate C.
Beau B.
Dalton M.
Jayden M.
Michael S.
Wells S.
Avelino R.
Brendon C.
Tyler P.
Scott R.
Megan E.
Valerie O.

Tonight Caddo and Tejas will meet for the first team event in Huawni Soccer. We will keep you posted. It has been a beautiful day at camp and we are soaking up the sun.