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Monday night at Camp Huawni can only mean one thing: The Miss Huawni pageant. At 7pm campers filed into the dining hall for a night of competetition, laughter, and encouragement. Each cabin in girls cap elected a contestant to represent them and compete for the coveted Miss Huawni crown. Here are the results:

Miss Congeniality: Ava F.
2nd Runner-Up: Lucy M.
1st Runner-Up: Cawren R.
Miss Huawni: Emily M.

After the competition campers went back to their cabins and girls’ camp received a word of affirmation from their counselors highlighting their unique character. We believe Miss Huawni is a key component in our camp because it allows girls to express their uniqueness and individuality.

Wiffleball World Series

Sunday night began the Wiffleball World Series between the Blue Tejas and the Red Caddo. Colors were donned and faces were painted and the games were off. Tejas and Caddo split the four games two and two, but due to the run rule, Tejas edged Caddo out by a few runs.

Lucy and Brooke celebrate after Caddo scored in WWS on Tuesday

We ended the night with sing song by the pool and tomorrow Caddo and Tejas will compete again in All Day Tribal Competition. We will keep you updated!

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