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It is the next to last full day of camp and things are hopping here at Huawni. Yesterday all of camp competed in all day Tribal Competition! Both team competed valiantly and most all of our events came down to the wire.

Here are the results from Tribal Competition Wednesday.

| Event | Winner | | Soccer Kick Around the Pool | Tejas | | Hot Shot | Caddo | | OC Team Run | Caddo | | Innertube Relay | Caddo | | Huawni Derby | Tejas | | Run for the Roses | Caddo | | Tug-O-War | Caddo | | Archery Tournament | Caddo |

In the archery tournament, Dray S. won the older camp division, while Emma C. won the younger camper division.

After tug of war we gathered on Flagpole Hill to enjoy our two giant slip-n-slides along with snow cones. It was a relaxing and fitting end to an intense day.

This morning we let the campers and staff sleep in until 9am to get a bit of extra rest. Today campers get to choose their activity as counselors are expediently preparing for Celebration and our Green River Ordinance concert this evening. We are so excited to be hosting GRO. To see all that is going on throughout the day, be sure and follow our Instagram page @camphuawni. Tonight’s theme is North Country Fair, as we will turn the Front Yard into a fairgrounds and concert venue. We are stoked!!

The ’79 Ford is awaiting GRO as he will be ushering them onto stage tonight.

Bob, Reed and crew set up the stage for GRO tonight.