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Parents, this is a letter you’ll soon receive in your camper packet.

Greetings Huawni Moms & Dads,

Like us, at some point you have probably encouraged your child by saying, “You can be anything you want to be!” Of course, you don’t mean they could grow up to be a giraffe if that’s their favorite animal— what you mean is “think big,” “reach for your dreams,” and “don’t limit yourself, you are capable of wonderful things!” And so, the phrase “you can be anything” is a key to an even bigger conversation (i.e. youth development) about how very far your child can go, how much they can achieve, and how bright they can shine in their life.

We want to continue this conversation with your child at summer camp. We want them to discover their individual strengths and passions, and then give them permission to boldly question how that aligns with the needs of the world. We want them to pinpoint their “flow”— healthy activities they are naturally gifted to do and enjoy so much that they literally lose track of time. And we want to challenge them to zero in on what fires them up, what gets their heart beating— and then champion them on to thrive in it.

Our desire is to see all of our campers and staff leave our gates knowing their true significance and purpose. We believe each child is literally one-of-a-kind and has been uniquely and wonderfully created to do AMAZING things. This at the heart of why we run a youth development Texas summer camp. Science proves this— of the 108 billion people ever born on earth, no two people have ever had the same DNA. Because each child has a true bent, we believe that bent is tied to an extraordinary purpose that only he or she can uniquely live out.
Think of it this way, if you were created as a really powerful hammer, would you spend your whole life trying to screw in nails? What a day it would be when the hammer finally realized, “I am a hammer!” Think about the impact the hammer has after knowing its true purpose! As mentioned in the book Strengths Finder 2.0, “Your child cannot be anything they want to be— but they can be a lot more of who they already truly are.”

At Huawni, our aim is to create environments for those “I am a hammer” moments, where children really know their God-given, true self and are able to walk in it and flourish. When kids know how they are designed, they can run that much harder and that much faster, fulfilling their true purpose.

Way to go on sending your child to Camp! We believe this is one of the wisest ongoing investments you can make in your child’s life, and we promise to stand with you in honoring your investment to the fullest by helping your camper realize the fullness and joy of all they are created to be.

See you in the Pineywoods!


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