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Can you believe that Session 1 begins in just 36 days? So with Summer just around the corner, we know you all are beginning the oh-so-fun task that is packing your camper(s) for one or two weeks of overnight camp!

Having spent multiple Summer’s at Camp, one of the most helpful things for me was knowing what to pack. Besides the usual things you need to pack (shorts, t-shirts, socks, etc.) I think it’s helpful to have a list of things that you don’t think about packing or know to pack. The items on this list are completely optional but can be helpful if you’re wanting to go the extra mile. Enjoy!

1. PFG Fishing Shirts are a HIT at Camp. They’ve gotten more popular each Summer – A lot of girl’s will get their initials embroidered on the back or front. Totally optional but they’re light, easy to throw on and can be worn more than once! Check them out here.

2. Dress up for the North Country Fair. Celebration is one of our favorite night activities in our two-week sessions. Dressing up is optional but all of our Staff do! So bring your cowboy boots, overalls and bandana this Summer.

3. A lawn chair. If grass makes you itchy and you don’t want to sit on a towel, add a lawn chair to your packing list. You’ll see most Staff and Campers lounging in lawn chairs at Cookout, Fishing, Sing Song, etc. A basic lawn chair will do.

4. PLAY DAY DAY DAY DAY. If your camper(s) is attending a two-week session Play Day clothes are a staple! Silly clothes for girls and Camo/Army attire for boys. This day gets messy so keep that in mind while packing.

5. 4th of July! Attending Session 3? Well then you’ll be at Camp for the 4th of July! We go ALL OUT and it’s always fun to put on as much red, white and blue as you can! Just don’t bring your own fireworks…we have that covered.

6. Rest Period Activities. Cards, coloring books, string, stationery, books, you name it! Rest Period is a time for well…rest. But if you don’t feel like taking a nap, these quiet activities are a good alternative for Campers.

7. Bring a Shower Caddy. Major Pro Tip! The Bathhouses at Camp are separate from the Cabin so it’s ideal to bring a shower caddy to keep all your toiletries in one place. Plus, it’s easy to bring to and from the showers. Remember to label EVERYTHING!

8. Towels, towels and more towels. You would be surprised how quickly your camper(s) will go through their towel supply while at Camp (also, towels start to stink WAY faster at camp). It’s best to bring beach towels AND shower towels – For girls, I recommend shower towels that velcro makes it easier to walk to and from the showers.

9. Shoe Storage. If your camper tends to be on a the neater side than you may be ok without this one BUT while at Camp, shoes tend to go missing. How? I’m still trying to figure that one out. I’ve seen parents sending their Campers with storage cubes filled with shoes. It’s a good solution to ensure that shoes make their way back home (that is, of course, if they put their shoes back in the box).

10. Mattress Topper. While the mattresses at Camp aren’t uncomfortable, they’re not like the ones you sleep on at home. If your camper is particular about their bed, I recommended a twin mattress topper (especially if you’re signed up for a two-week session).

Again, these are all optional but have been proven helpful to ensure an even better overnight camp experience! If you have any questions about these items or others don’t hesitate to contact us.

Parents or Campers, what items are on your packing list? Comment below!

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