There are a lot of great summer camps in Texas. Likewise, with all the options we parents have filling our children’s summer schedules, how do we decide what to commit to, including choosing a summer camp?

If I could only share three things that make Camp Huawni unique from other summer camps in Texas, here’s what I would want to communicate.

1. We are a smaller, more intimate Summer camp.

At Camp Huawni, we max out our capacity at about 160 campers. We also have a 3:1 camper to counselor ratio. Most summer camps in Texas keep an 8:1 or 5:1 ratio. With ample counselors in the cabin, we have the bandwidth to devote a lot of time, supervision, and attention to our campers.

2. We are truly a throwback, outdoor summer camp that immerses our campers in nature.

We are overly grateful for our 600+ acres of private forrest and private lake. This allows us plenty of room to bike, hike, and enjoy the great outdoors. We love having our trails and waterfront to ourselves, and our campers truly get to unplug from technology. In fact, we are miles away from any roads, traffic, or noise, and we love it that way.

3. Our desire is to see all campers and staff leave our gates knowing their true significance and purpose.

In the context of simple fun, doing almost everything outdoors, experiencing rich tradition, and experiencing rich friendships, everything we do at Camp is ultimately to point kids to their true significance and purpose. True significance means that we want our campers to know that they were made uniquely— they are truly one-of-a-kind throughout history! DNA is a proof of that. Feedback we regularly get from parents is that their children feel comfortable to be themselves at Huawni. In addition, purpose means that your child was created by God to do something very special and change the world. In fact, since they have true significance, they are made in a way that only they can do this very special thing. Because campers usually come back to Huawni for 9 or 10 years, our goal is to pour into them so that when they one day leave for college, we have played a vital role in them knowing their true selves, and because of it, thrive.

So, in a wrap, size, location, and purpose are what make Camp Huawni unique. We hope to see you this summer and that your child gets to experience what so many other children have experienced over the years!

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