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This summer 54 of our Huawni Families shared insightful feedback. The goal? To make camp better!

A big priority this past summer was camper care. As you’ll see in some of our parent comments, that by and large happened! Here is your 2019 Huawni Summer Camp Recap!

Camper Experience

We believe that your camper is genius and their feedback matters! Campers rated their overall summer camp experience a 4.53 out of 5 (or 9 out of 10). In our survey parents rated their child’s camp experience a 6.24 out of 7, with 7 being extremely satisfied.

What parents said…

They were extremely happy, one of the best summers of their lives. I enjoyed my free time, I missed them, but just looking at the pictures I knew they were better there. My one son was a lot more self confident and my other son more empathic after camp. It was best experience! They met new people and gained more self confidence and team work!!!

The best experience my son had ever had!

Camp is an excellent way for kids to figure out who they really are, without the limitations that we can unintentionally impose on them. My girls have gained an inner strength in their summers at camp, and I am grateful that they have this opportunity to disconnect from distractions and connect with others.

My kids found their true selves here!

Camp Huawni was a great experience for my daughter. I’ve never seen my daughter smile as much as when she was there. Thank you all at Camp Huawni!

I can’t say enough good things. Their experiences have been positive and life-changing. Love us some CH!

[After camp } our son has been more relaxed and able to just enjoy life’s simple pleasures. He hasn’t even asked for his Switch!

Best camp ever! Love that campers want to return as CITs and counselors. Can’t imagine creating better memories for your children.

I wanted our son to learn to play well with others see above He has grown up, he swept the floor yesterday morning :) YAY and made his bed. Incredible camp, taking kids back to the vital basics without anything fancy or technology.

The experience and care given to the kids is exceptional. Everyone involved with the camp makes your child feel welcome and loved.

After camp she has had this air of confidence and just seems to have matured in some way that I can’t put my finger on. ☺️ 5. I love that Camp Huawni is pure, simple fun. There are no crazy thrills ( I love that there isn’t a trading post — it keeps all the kids on the same playing field) but some amazing experiences from zip line to the critter, etc. that makes it special. The counsellors are amazing and the kids at Huawni are great. My daughter said EVERYONE was nice!!! It was an amazing opportunity where she was able to adventure and grow on her own in a safe environment!

Camp Huawni was a great experience for my daughter. I’ve never seen my daughter smile as much as when she was there. Thank you all at Camp Huawni!


This year we invested back into camp by renovating the kitchen, building a new maintanance barn, better infirmary space, and upgrading our photo system (Waldo). Parents told us that these projects were instrumental in their campers’ health and their overall satisfaction.

Still to improve

Here are a few things families said they’d like us to improve…

  • more fishing and outdoor living skills
  • continued best staff
  • continued food improvement
  • upgrade bathhouse
  • add arts and crafts
  • 2nd critter!


We think camper to counselor ratio is important, and we do all we can to keep it to 4:1 or better. This summer we stood by our promise. Here are your ratios by session: Starter 1 = 2.5 to 1 Main 1 = 3.6 to 1 Main 2 = 3.2 to 1 Main 3 = 2.8 to 1 Starter 2 = 1.5 to 1

Thank you again to all of you who shared candid feedback. We are already making plans to make Summer 2020 the best yet!

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