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Big things are happening in the Camp Huawni office! Almost 3 weeks ago, Jonathan & I got married! We are officially back in the office after spending a week in Costa Rica. As much as we miss the beautiful oceans, we are excited to be back & gearing up for Camp… which will be here before we know it! We are so excited to be serving as Men’s & Women’s Director and can’t wait to spend the summer with you. We did a little Q&A with Travis- check it out below!

What do you like most about CH?
J: I love the uniqueness of Camp Huawni. When I first came through the gates I instantly felt the “Huawni Magic.” Huawni is a great escape from technology and a place where you get to truly be you.
T: One of the things that I love most about Camp Huawni is how anyone can come through our camp gates & be loved & accepted.. & have a great time! Huawni has done a great job of creating a culture that loves people so well & fights for them to be the best that they can be. The friendships you make at Camp are one-of-a-kind & life-long.

If somebody described you in a word, what would it be?
J: Joyful. I try to make every day a joyful day. I want to share my joy with others as well.
T: I think people would use the word kind to describe me. I try & be a friend to everyone!

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How would you describe your wiring/your significance?
J: I would say my true significance is my relationship with Christ. As God as my rock, that is where I have a true identity and purpose.
T: Knowing my significance has been a process, and being at Camp Huawni has helped me go through that. Coming to Huawni as a college freshman, I hadn’t given much thought about who I am or why I’m unique, so being asked that question for the first time made me think a lot about that. I am made to love others for who they are as best as I can. What I’ve also learned through this is that the best example of love is God’s own love for us.

What would you like to say to all of boys camp and girls camp?
J: I would say to boy campers, soak up every moment at this awesome camp. Truly find who you are and what you are becoming. My hope is that the boy campers learn, through the many summers that they have at Huawni, is to find their own true significance while valuing others.
T: GIRLS CAMP GIRLS CAMP! I am so excited to get to lead you this summer. Summer 2020 is going to be the BEST summer yet! I can’t wait for you to come to Huawni & have a blast, make awesome friends & memories, & learn more about who you are.

We are so excited to be leading Boy’s and Girl’s camp together, and we can’t wait to see you this summer!

Love & Inwauh,
Jonathan & Taylor Cox

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