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I attended summer camp at Huawni from 1982-1984.

I was a foster child and transitioning into my adoption. I had no idea what overnight camp was and was super frightened as to why I was being sent away, found out that I was going for fun, and it sure was, I learned that all kids were like me in my thinking and how I made my decisions, I made friends that shared their fears as I shared mine with them, we hung out at camp and did fun things together such as horseback riding, archery , swimming and arts and crafts, what was so awesome about Huawni was even though we had to stop one event we were having a blast in at the time to move onto the next, we were never disappointed, all of it was fun because we were kids that genuinely enjoyed each others company no matter what.

Camp Huawni taught me that I could simply be me. – Edie K.

Camp Huawni taught me that I could simply be me and I was great as were all the other kids. We were taught unity and also the ability to enjoy our independence learning to make wise decisions without a parent to ask first.

We also learned how to enjoy nature and silence, bedtime was so peaceful we always felt safe because our overnight camp leaders were always available in case of homesickness or simply feeling sad or upset for whatever reasons.

My grandkids are PLUGGED, all of them are addicted to this electronic age. It saddens me… they have actually developed anti-social behaviors and anxiety because of it. – Edie K.

You really didn’t have much time for sadness or being upset for long.

I am wanting to send my grand children to Camp Huawni because since I was a child and went to camp a lot has changed for kids, my grandkids are PLUGGED, all of them are addicted to this electronic age, it saddens me..they have actually developed anti social behaviors and anxiety because of it. I know for a fact, once they are unplugged and enter their imaginations in being a camper they will see how fun life can be without computers, being online, chatting, texting, distant online friendships with people they will never meet all by interacting with other kids in the real world doing fun things kids should be doing to connect with each other socially and on personal levels. How to be kind, to be forgiving, to love one another unconditionally in reality not online. Learn coping skills and to socialize while having fun. LIFE.

I know there are other overnight camps out there that have more extreme events and activities but what also comes with that is more distance, there’s a closeness you cannot achieve when their is too much expected or too much distraction from creating reality based friendships. Camp Huawni is a place a child can go without extreme pressures and without needing to compete for one on one time with their camp leader just to share ideas or thoughts because of too many other kids. You stay busy having fun but are never neglected or left out.

I have never forgotten my experience at Camp Huawni and I am 48 yrs old now.

-Edie K.

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