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We are so excited to be kicking off Session 3 of our 55th summer of Camp!
Parents, here’s what happened after everyone left.

52 weeks of waiting to hug your Camp bestie is too long!

Our Running Deer helped us with Opening Day today- we’re excited for the service opportunities they’ll have over the next two weeks!

Reuniting with Camp friends is the best feeling!

After Opening Day

Dinner was a Huawni Opening Day classic… the famous, famous, MOST FAMOUS Ms. Ada’s fried chicken! Paired with mashed potatoes, green beans, & rolls, it was the perfect meal to kick off the next two weeks.

After Supper Time was spent getting to know each others names, learning all the Huawni lingo, & hangin’ out on the Front Lawn playing gaga ball, tether ball (new this summer!), and hot shot.


7:15 we made our way back into the Dining Hall for Opening Night Show! ONS is a long-standing Huawni Tradition. Counselors & staff perform skits & play games for the campers. It’s just a great way to break the ice on the first night of Camp. Check out our Camp Huawni Instagram story for a look into the fun things our Staff are putting on for the kids! ONS is a fun throwback and simple night that kids love.

ONS Tradition- all of Staff singing the Camp Song at the end!

ONS brings out all the smiles!

Cabin Time

After ONS, cabins will have their first cabin time together. They’ll use this time to go over Camp rules, learn more about one another, & create their Cabin Bucket Lists. For those who don’t know, Bucket List is a two-week session tradition we do where Cabins make a list of all the things they want to do together before the session ends. Some past fun examples include junk food parties, movie nights, star tripping, and night swimming. After this, cabins will get ready for bed in preparation for the first full day of Camp tomorrow. We can’t wait for the next fun-filled two weeks ahead of us with your campers!

Homesickness at Camp

I know it’s many parents first time dropping off their kids for summer camp, which is understandably a very nerve racking and emotional event. As hard as it is, we believe that homesickness is great opportunity for growth. I want to encourage you to read these two blogs our CEO Travis Adams has written based upon the book Homesick & Happy by Michael Thompson.

Homesick & Happy Intro
Homesick & Happy Chapter 1 – Off They Go

Stay in Touch with Your Campers

We highly encourage you to utilize good ol’ fashioned snail mail over the next two weeks, as well as sending your Camper emails through your CampInTouch login.
To see pictures of your Camper, we will be using Waldo Photos this summer. Waldo allows you to see pictures of your camper without searching through hundreds of pictures because of it’s facial recognition capabilities, (super cool!) To get more info or sign up for Waldo Photos, check out our blog here.

Parents, we will see y’all in two weeks!

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