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As Campers scurried up to Flag Pole Hill this morning after a memorable evening of Fishing (check out pictures below), none of them were expecting what happened next…the Phantom!! “Chicken Train” blared over the Main Cabin speakers and Campers and Counselors took off running in every direction. Phantom’s Play Day had begun!! For those of you who are wondering…The Phantom is a Camp myth…apparently only he knows when the actually day will fall! For the rest of the morning Girl’s Camp enjoys Play Day and Boy’s Camp heads out to the woods to play Huawni Uprising, an epic game of Capture the Flag, decked out from head-to-toe in army gear and face paint.

All of Boy’s Camp put on their game faces for Uprising this morning.

Play Day is the perfect chance to hang with your friends in other cabins!

The Yellow Bananas, The Purple Hungry Hippo’s, The Green Leprechauns and the Pink Flamingos sported their team color and participated in the famous, famous, MOST FAMOUS Egg Toss, Pie in the Eye, Dizzy Bat and Ice on the Counselors back. The Green Leprechauns took home 1st , The Pink Flamingos snagged 2nd , The Yellow Bananas scooped up 3rd and the crazy Purple Hungry Hippo’s placed in 4th.

First event for Play Day- the Egg Toss!

The Yellow Bananas stopped from the fun for a sweet picture!

As for Boy’s Camp, they split up into two teams – The Black Mambas and The Green Gumby’s. After gearing up and playing an intense game of Uprising, the guy’s cooled off with some ice cold watermelon. Uprising ended in a 2-1 victory favoring The Black Mamba’s!

The Black Mamba’s were ready for Uprising!

Ronnie B. helping the Green Gumby’s to victory!

This afternoon Campers are enjoying regular activities before gearing up for Skit Night. Skit night will be Campers’ first shot at collaborating together and using their creative minds. The winner will win the coveted Huawni Spirit Stick! Also, we’ve been very busy making sure our campers and staff stay hydrated, as it’s been HOT + HUMID out here in East Texas. Currently, everyone is at Break! Campers get to sit in the cool shade and drink Gatorade and water and stay out of the heat during the hottest part of the day. Once Thursday arrives, we’ll see our week pick up even more so as we’ll have Talent Show and then the Tribal Competition Ceremony.

A Tuesday Night tradition- eating a worm at Fishing!

Fishing is everyone’s fav Tuesday Night tradition because of the quality time you get with your Camp besties!

Owen F. caught one of the first fish of the night!

Pine Bottom enjoying all that Fishing has to offer- including the s’mores!

Alumni, do you enjoy Play Day or Uprising more?

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