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Happy Friday from Camp Huawni! Today was another full & exciting day of activities in the morning & afternoon. Today started out with French Toast & sausage for breakfast which is always a sign of an epic day of Camp. Today you could spot Willow Glen at the Gaga Ball Pit, Band Aid at the Pool, (AKA The Riviera!), and Berry Patch East at the OC.

Individual Comp is in full swing! You can catch campers like Joseph F. at the Skillet scoring points for their tribe.

Everyone is loving our new Frisbee Golf, including Gabby C.!

3 people on the Critter + 1 about to jump on = CRITTER FIGHT!

Lunch today was chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, & an awesome selection from the salad bar. After re-energizing during Rest Period, cabins went out for more activities, including Individual Competition Activities. Individual Comp counts for a lot for scoring in Tribal Comp, so Campers are putting their all into these activities to support their Tribes.

Berry Patch West playing a pick up game after some Hot Shot!

Life is best when it’s spent at the Critter Pond with your Camp friends!

Who’s ready to dive into the weekend?!

Tonight, we also had our first Tribal Comp team event! Campers grabbed their red & blue, painted up, and met on the field for Soccer! After half time, the score is tied up 2-2. We’ll keep you updated on the Camp Huawni Instagram story with the final score!

Afterwards Campers will head to the Pool for an all-camp swim. It’s a great chance for everyone to cool down & have fun all together after the fierce competition. The weekend is here and things will begin to slow down at Camp a little. As we slow down, everyone will have the chance to breathe & enjoy the little moments before another fun, fast paced week of Camp.
What are your favorite Weekend traditions at Camp?

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