For the last time this Summer, our Staff grabbed their khakis & nametags for one last Opening Day as we welcomed in our Session 5 Campers. After 4 other Opening Day’s under their belts, our Staff are pro’s & Session 5 is in for a fun-filled week. Wondering what happened after all the parents left? Campers spent some time settling in their bunks & learning their new friend’s names. At 5:30, everyone headed to the Dining Hall for Camper Orientation & then dinner (Ms. Ada’s fried chicken, of course!) The rest of the night includes Opening Night Show, Capture the Flag, & then some cabin time before Lights Out.

It’s all smiles here at Huawni today.. and every day!

CIT Shadowing Program- this session we welcomed back some of our last year campers to learn more about the CIT Program!


All of Camp is currently watching Opening Night Show, which the perfect chance for all of Camp to share some laughs & warm up with one another. ONS helps break the ice as we all still get to know each other with fun skits, songs, and games lead by our Counselors. After ONS, we’re all going to head back outside to play Capture the Flag on the Front Lawn! Counselors dress up in crazy costumes, friendships are made, & dance parties are aplenty. Be sure to check out Waldo Photos for pics of tonight’s fun!

Waldo Photos

For those who haven’t heard the news, we are using Waldo Photos- a facial recognition service that allows you to get notifications of your Camper’s photos… without searching through hundreds of pictures!

If you haven’t enrolled in Waldo yet, there are two ways to do so:

  1. Text the join code (huawni19) to 735-343 and follow the prompts.
  2. Click this link to sign up:

Create an account, upload a picture of your child, and Waldo will do the rest!


Your Campers are in for some serious fun over these next two weeks, but sometimes that doesn’t stop our Campers from missing home. I know we have many first time parents who dropped off their kiddos at summer camp for the first time. This is understandably a very nerve racking and emotional event. But as hard as it is, we believe that homesickness is great opportunity for growth. I want to encourage you to read these two blogs our CEO Travis Adams has written based upon the book Homesick & Happy by Michael Thompson.

Homesick & Happy Intro

Homesick & Happy Chapter 1 – Off They Go

Parents, what are your tips for helping your homesick kiddos?

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