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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been counting down the days until Summer 2020, (128 days until Staff arrive for Orientation, 142 days until Session 1 kids arrive!!)

While we can’t make time go any faster, we can announce some of the faces that will be returning for Summer 2020! We have an awesome group of counselors and leadership returning this summer, and I can’t wait for all of us to get to spend time with them this summer!

So without further ado… here are some of our Summer 2020 staff!

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Girl’s and Boy’s Camp, get ready because we got the best of the best to lead you this summer. Maddie D., Erin E., Sarah C., and Allie M. will be your Girl’s Camp Senior Counselors this summer! We’re also so excited to have Betsy C. leading our media team as the Marketing Intern, and Amber (AKA George) making sure all activities and events are AWESOME as our Program Coordinator.

Our Boy’s Camp leadership is equally awesome. We’ve got Harper R. and Chris B. leading the boys as our Senior Counselors, and Max P. working alongside George as a Program Coordinator.

I told you our leadership team was the best!!

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Boy’s and Girl’s Camp Counselors

These are some of the people who will be in the cabin day to day with your kiddos. I’m so excited to have these people back & work another summer alongside them. We’re so excited that Ford U., T.J. D., Ben B., Emily M., Sophie C., and Meg H., will be joining us again this summer!

All of these people are hard workers and great counselors and are going to make Summer 2020 such a memorable summer for your child!

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CIT Program

I am also stoked about our CIT Program this summer. We have a great group of CITs working this summer that I can’t wait to get to work alongside.

Right now we’ve got Cece G., E.A. P., Paige F., Ali S., Maddie S., and Kaitlyn B., serving as Girl CITs, and Miguel M. and Jacob H. as our Boy CITs.

All of our CITs are former campers, so it’s going to be so fun to watch them transition from camper to staffer and grow before heading off to their freshman year of college.

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All of this to say, I am so excited to work alongside these people this summer. They are hard working, passionate about working with kids, and love Camp Huawni.

We are still looking for awesome college students to join our team! If you know someone who would be a great fit, you can have them apply at http://camphuawni.com/apply

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