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Summer of 2020 is officially in the books, and we are already excited for the summer of 2021! College students - yes, I am talking to you - can be a part of something truly amazing. In the craziness of this year, why not get out of your comfort zone and serve others while having a blast doing so? Don’t waste another summer playing video games indoors all day. Get outdoors and make a memorable impact in a child’s life this summer. Sounds like something you want? Camp Huawni is just the place for you.

I want you to think about something real quick. Take a moment and imagine this: Live, play, and work in the great outdoors, go on active adventures, make new lifelong friends from all over the country, get paid to have fun, learn new skills, and most importantly – become a child’s hero. Sounds really cool, huh? But that’s just the beginning.

Our motto at Camp Huawni is “LTK,” which stands for “Love The Kids”. Our goal is for every camper to leave the camp gates knowing their true significance and purpose. We believe that starts with simply loving the kids. We have campers (and staff) from all across the state of Texas and even across the country. Every camper has different backgrounds and different life experiences. Every camper is unique just like you.

One common thing each camper has is that they will look up to you. After all, as their counselor, you will be their leader, mentor, and guide throughout the entire camp session. The impact you have on each child’s life each summer is immeasurable. I can say there is a good reason why campers are so willing to come back to Camp Huawni summer after summer. (Hint: It’s not because of all of the fun activities we do here.). As their counselor, you create the fun. You bring excitement to campers’ eyes, and you do so just by being yourself. You become part of the reason they beg their parents to send them away to this magical place. You are truly special at Camp Huawni.

The relationship between you and your campers goes deeper than just hanging out with them for a week or two. You have a chance to change their lives completely. How? Good question. Imagine changing a child’s eternal life! No, we are not a Christian camp. Rather, we like to think of ourselves as more of a Christ-centered camp, which means we want to love all of our campers and staff unconditionally like Jesus would. We see Camp Huawni as not only an environment of fun, but also one that is filled with care and compassion.

We are looking for individuals who want to join us on this mission; young men and women who seek to create a positive difference in the wild and crazy world we live in. So are you ready to experience all of this greatness? We would love to have you. Make an impact that will be remembered forever!

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