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Ms. Ada’s Fried Chicken will forever be my favorite meal, Slip ’n Slide on Flag Pole Hill is the best in the world, and I can’t eat watermelon without thinking of camp…but I always say that it’s not the things we do that make Camp Huawni a special place – although they’re a big part! It’s the people. Year after year, we come back to Camp Huawni not because of how fun it is (which is really really really fun!), but because of the sweet friendships that are made under that East Texas sun.

At Camp Huawni, we believe that life is meaningful relationships. What does that mean? It means that life is meant to be filled with authentic, true connections with others. Having someone to stand next to you as you laugh, cry, and play makes life so much sweeter. Our hope is that campers are able to connect with one another and with their counselors. Our staff do this by asking purposeful questions, learning more about their campers and their interests, and spending good ol’ quality time with them.

Having been on staff since I was a freshman in college, I’ve been able to make so many amazing connections with my fellow staffers and my campers. These are friendships that go beyond our time at Huawni. (Five of my bridesmaids in my wedding were camp friends…enough said!) Camp friends turn into lifelong friends. Six summers later, the girls that were once my campers in Cedar Ridge will be applying for our CIT Program this time a year from now. You get to learn and grow and play alongside people that you have deep, authentic relationships with.

I’ve had conversations with first-time Huawni parents post camp, and they always say the same thing…they’re shocked that on Closing Day to see their child crying, hugging their new best friends, not wanting to leave. During the short 14 days, their child has made forever friends. In the midst of all the fun and silly things we do at Camp, friendships are made that last a lifetime.

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