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The holiday season is upon us, and while this time of year rings in so much joy, it can also bring so much busyness! Many of our days, and the days of our children, are filled with screens. From jumping from Zoom classrooms and meetings to doing all things on iPhones and iPads to keeping up with the news and social media, we miss out on the simple fun that can be had all around us! We all long for a time where we can slow down and be with people we love. In the midst of life’s pace picking up for many of us, we are remembering and celebrating here at Huawni the simple fun of camp. One of our foundations at Huawni is the belief that simple fun is the most fun! Let me tell you why.

At Camp, there is no need for screen time or for hurry! And the best part is, screens are replaced with all things outdoors and fun moments shared with all of the people at camp, staff and campers alike! Slowing down in the Piney Woods allows for creating meaningful relationships, where we believe life is found! One of our most anticipated simple fun camp activities is the hike to the Carving Trees where kids can play in the creek, throw mud at each other, and eat watermelon! This combines many of our Huawni values into one experience, including playing outside, creating meaningful relationships, and maintaining traditions to provide consistency in an inconsistent world. It is simple in that all you need is people and the Carving Trees - and to slow down long enough to enjoy the moment!

We’re encouraging each other, and we want to extend the encouragement to our camp family, not to miss the simple fun that can be had in your homes during this season. For our full-time team, a favorite and simple fun activity is going to a Christmas tree farm together to cut down a tree! Even just visiting a Christmas tree farm to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with your loved ones is a great experience in and of itself! We also love gathering for meals during this time. Whether the meal is catered or potluck, gathering around a table provides for simple fun and meaningful relationships like no other.

We’ve experienced and believe that Simple Fun really is the Most Fun, because simple fun involves being present with people we love and enjoying the world that we live in! Now more than ever, we’re finding that kids need simple fun experiences where they can get away from their norm, slow down, and build meaningful relationships! If your kids or friends of your kids are looking for an opportunity to embrace the simple fun that Camp Huawni offers, we’d love for you to join the simple fun way! But don’t wait for summer. Whether it’s getting outside to play in the leaves, or cozying up inside with your family, join us in thinking of and practicing ways to slow down, be with each other, and not miss the simple fun opportunities that this season can bring!

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