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To our campers,

If you’ve been here before, we’ve missed y’all so much and are glad y’all are back. If you’re a first year camper, we’re so excited to meet you!

We want to start off by saying that you are so loved, and we know this will be the most special summer ever. We’re excited to have the chance to love on you and help you grow. We’ll also just get to hangout and have fun. We know that camp might look different than you’re used to (Thanks, Corona), but know that we’re going to make the most of it and make it as much fun as possible.

To first year campers, we want to say that we also were nervous about coming into this summer. But the Huawni family is kind and always looking to welcome new members. It’s a family that will always be there for you. They will love you, see you at your worst, and still be there with arms wide open.

To every camper, we can’t wait to make memories that you’ll cherish forever. We believe that because of quarantine, camp will be a light in a confusing and hard time. We hope you’re ready for history in the making because this year you will get to be a part of something special that no one has ever seen at Camp Huawni. This will be a summer for the books.

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Photo by: Ally B.

This year, camp will be that consistent thing in our inconsistent world. Come to camp open to changes because we’re excited to even have you out here to experience this.

We think camp memories will be some of the sweetest moments in your life but sadly, camper years don’t last forever. We hope that you don’t take any moment here for granted and that you fully embrace it becauase Camp Huawni is one of the most magical places in the world. As you know, time stops here and nothing outside the camp gates matter. It’s a place full of people that are ready for you to get here and are excited to watch you grow and learn about yourself and others through the fun and the activities.

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Photo by: Josh G.

Lastly, we want to say thank you. Thank you for all the memories we will get to make and the lessons that we’ll learn from you. We’re excited to grow and learn right alongside you.

As a staff, we’ve been training and learning how to be the best for you and now it’s finally time to put it all together. We love everyone of y’all already even though we may not know your name yet or have seen your face. We’ve been preparing for you all summer and we’re so glad you’re finally going to be here.

Love, Your Huawni Staff

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