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This year has certainly been one of many changes. Camp Huawni alumna and current camper parent Lauren Liles shares how we can communicate change to our kids.

Change can be hard, and we’ve all experienced a fair amount of change in these last few months.

Kids appreciate predictability, and this school year ended in a way that none of us would have predicted when we started back in August. These kids have rolled with the punches and basically handled these changes – most of them unwanted – like champs.

I would venture to say that those of us sending our kids to Camp this summer are ready for them to be able to have the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors and grow relationships with their best buds. After all this time at home and in quarantine, our kiddos are looking forward to Camp Huawni and all that it represents. As with many other areas of life, camp will look a little different this summer. It’s important to have a discussion with our kids about the changes they will experience, so that they can understand the expectations and be able to adapt accordingly.

In talking with our kids, it’s important to:

  • Be as honest and direct as possible
  • Acknowledge their feelings; don’t be dismissive
  • Allow them to express and process their emotions
  • Emphasize the things that are not changing

When I talked with my daughter and son, I found that they appreciated knowing what to expect. We had an honest conversation where they shared their feelings and emotions, and we then got to talk about what they are most looking forward to…and there’s a lot they’re looking forward to!

It’s good to remember that kids are generally very resilient. By validating their concerns and focusing on the positives, they are better equipped to handle the changes they face with a positive attitude…and that is something that will serve them well both now and in the future.

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