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Reported by Counselor Dakota J.:

Because of rain this past week, we had cane pole fishing on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday. But the excitement for this special tradition at Camp Huawni never fades! Cane pole fishing at Huawni Pond is a wonderful time where everyone gets to slow down and build relationships while fishing and hanging out. It’s a time where campers can know others on a deeper and personal level - and also eat yummy s’mores and watch counselors play Chubby Bunny! My personal high was winning last night’s Chubby Bunny contest and being one marshmallow away from beating the current record of 34 marshmallows!!

I love fishing because I get to see campers relax and just sit down after an action-packed day of activities. They can have quality time with both friends and counselors, which brings out intentional conversations. It’s a unique opportunity where camp builds in time for everyone to take a breath and enjoy the outdoors and that Shelby County breeze. Fishing is also a really good way to teach patience since you have to be still and wait for fish to bite. We had many campers last night catch plenty of fish!

Cane poles, worms, and s’mores can bring out a whole lot fun. Cane pole fishing is a tradition that hasn’t changed much throughout the years, but campers look forward to it every time. There is nothing too fancy about sitting down, talking, and fishing yet campers and counselors alike find joy in it and it’s a highlight of the day.

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