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Working at Camp Huawni, I love that I have the great outdoors as my “office”. How refreshing it is to wake up every morning to the smell of pine needles, the sight of the bluest skies, and, of course, the cool feel of the Shelby County breeze. It serves as a daily reminder that we are surrounded by natural wonders, big and small.

We have the unique opportunity to share this experience with our campers during their time in the Piney Woods. When immersed in nature and unplugged from technology, our campers are fully engaged in fun and friendship with others without distraction. They get to focus on doing what they do best…simply being kids!

Many of our campers look forward to Camp knowing that it is a respite from the busyness (and even stresses) of their daily lives. Ziplining into the Critter Pond, cane pole fishing as the sun sets, and singing underneath the brightest stars – all while spending quality time with their friends and counselors – can be a literal breath of fresh air.

As an overnight camp for boys and girls, we are huge advocates for our campers to really live in the moment, especially with their fellow cabin mates. And we know that we don’t need any high-tech gadgets or tools to accomplish this. Our 600-acre playground does just fine.

Check out this video of our campers’ recent Hike to the Carving Trees, and see for yourself the enjoyment of outdoor play:

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