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The world has been a very unpredictable place as we face the changes of attending school and sporting events, going out to eat, and even spending time with family and friends. This summer, we have taken the approach that we look at each aspect of camp and keep things as close to the same as possible to give campers the feeling of normalcy. Though we have had to make modifications to our activity programming, I am hearing from former campers that some of those modifications actually take us back to the early years of Camp Huawni!

One of those is having events on Flag Pole Hill, which has been such a big hit with campers this summer! Last night we saw a lot of amazing talent! Your kids showed skill, silliness, and whatever they feel makes them special. They got to experience a few things in that fun like having the courage to step in front of others and do something outside their comfort zone. They also experienced the feeling of being encouraged to thunderous applause! Camp is such a special place where campers are challenged, encouraged, and affirmed that they are special. We are proud to still be able to bring that consistency in a unique way this summer.

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