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The Camp Huawni tribe keeps growing! We’re thrilled that Lainey Buchanan has joined the full-time team as our Executive Administrator! She’s a summer camp veteran, an organizing whiz, and one of the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet!

Get to know Lainey below, and please join us in giving her a warm, Huawni welcome!

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What are some of your passions?

LB: I grew up outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, in a small town called Lincolnton, around loads of extended family. I lived across the street from my grandma and carpooled with my cousins to school. I am so thankful for growing up in a place where my family has deep roots, and that I know even my distant cousins well! Probably because of my childhood, I’m very passionate about family. The women in my family are incredibly tight-knit! I’m also passionate about good food, and the way a table brings people together. And of course, I’m passionate about camp! I truly believe that simple fun is the most fun.

Share your experience of working in the summer camp industry. What drew you to Camp Huawni?

LB: Camp changed my life. As an only child that didn’t grow up going to camp, working at summer camp through college gave me the opportunity to play a “ big sister” role to girls for the first time in my life. Teaching my campers important lessons about life, in turn, helped me to grow up. It was the first time I was ever responsible for people and had to think about someone other than myself. I attribute so much of who I am today to the person I learned to be working at camp throughout college, and even as a full-time staffer. I really love simplicity, tradition, and being outside. Camp Huawni embodies all of these things (and loads more!). Camp Huawni’s rich tradition, family feel, and core values drew me in!

What does your role as Camp Huawni’s Executive Administrator look like?

LB: My role looks like being the behind-the-scenes details girl, bringing order, organization and administration wherever it’s needed, and freeing up people around me to do what they do best! I love putting chaos into order, creating and implementing processes, and doing it in the fun environment of camp for the purpose of our campers learning their true significance and purpose!

What are you most looking forward to this upcoming camp season?

LB: I’m looking forward to jumping into all of the administrative processes behind the scenes of camp! I want to help make the details a breeze for families and staff, so that everyone can enjoy camp stress-free! I believe the processes really do support the mission and purpose of camp, so even though I won’t be in the frontlines of the day to day program, I’m thrilled to support the processes that make camp possible!

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