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Grab onto your bucket hats ‘cause this week’s Huawni Storyteller is the legendary Rob Payne!

Rob is a former Huawni camper, counselor, and director! He now sends his own kids to Camp where they get to relive the same fun activities and traditions as he did!

In his Huawni Story, Rob recounts Saturday night Cookout, an event that still happens today! “We grill hot dogs outside, we get to eat outside like we ought to do at camp, sit around and visit.” In the midst of daily jam-packed action and fun, Cookout is an opportunity for campers to hang back, relax, and eat good food with good company.

As the sun sets, campers gather around for Storytelling, another beloved camp tradition. “The art of storytelling is something that seems to be missing these days,” Rob says. “You sit around and you hear legends and lore about Camp Huawni.”

What is one of the best things about Camp Huawni? For Rob, it’s the people. “The friends that you make at Camp Huawni [are the ones] you laugh with, you cry with, you pray with, you grow up with,” he says. “And it’s those friendships that you can depend on time and time again, those special relationships when you spend two weeks with folks each summer.”

Rob looks back fondly on all of the memories and experiences he has had at Camp Huawni. “I treasure those relationships. I look forward to continuing those relationships. And that’s really what Camp Huawni is special to me are those relationships.”

Check out Rob’s full story in the video below:

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