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Storytelling has always been part of the rich fabric of Camp Huawni. We are ecstatic to introduce to you Huawni Storytellers, where real Tribe members, young and old, share what makes Camp Huawni special and why Huawni makes such a lasting impact on kids. Our very first Storyteller is legendary counselor and director Rusty Marshall…

Rusty joined the Huawni family as a counselor in 1977, and he finished his time as a director in 1985. His favorite story to share from time at Camp Huawni of Opening Day! The Opening Day of each session is a day we all look forward to with great anticipation. It’s the day when we open our camp gates and campers arrive! In Rusty’s words, “There’s just nothing like Opening Day at camp because you see the excitement of the little girls and boys as they show!” Opening Day is a reunion for returning campers, a continutation of deepening friendships, and for our new campers, it’s the beginning of friendships that could last them a lifetime!

Rusty’s favorite takeaway from his time at Huawni was witnessing the impact camp had on kids. He calls camp “a great equalizer” because it’s a place where kids can “leave any cares behind” as well as “any social pressures”! They don’t have to worry about anything going on in their lives as they retreat for up to two weks with us at our unique East Texas summer camp. Rusty says there is no place like Camp Huawni, and we agree! We know how valuable summer camp is, especially this year, and we are counting down the days to Summer 2021!

Check out Rusty’s full story in the video below:

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