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We believe we were made to play outside, which is why emphasize the great outdoor experience for our campers. We enjoy seeing campers run and play freely on the green grass as they take in the sunshine and feel that Shelby County breeze. And at night, they get to fall asleep underneath the starry sky while the frogs and insects sing. We create an atmosphere where campers can truly embrace nature.

Yesterday afternoon, we hiked through the piney woods to Penson Creek, where we cooled off in the refreshing waters. Campers enjoyed playing with the mud, making mud pies and mud masks. Everyone soon got into a mud fight. Mud was flinging and slinging in every direction! We later rewarded ourselves with watermelon aka dinosaur eggs!

We washed the mud off ourselves and dressed up for a special evening of fishing and cooking out at Huawni Pond. After a busy time of playing, this was a moment where campers could kick back, relax, and enjoy the company of their newfound friends.

The sun beautifully set before us while campers got to fish with bamboo cane poles and make their own s’mores around a campfire. We ended the evening with Sing Song, a beloved Camp Huawni tradition where counselors lead songs with the rest of camp.

We’re more than half-way through this session, but there’s still time for campers to experience the Huawni Magic. We continue activities today with Celebration tonight!

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