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Huawni families, if you don’t already know and love our 5 Friends program, you will soon be raving fans! We wanted to share the story of Sara Fredericks, the camper mom whose kids brought the most friends in 2021 winning them Camp for Life! You read that right- one of her kiddos gets FREE CAMP for their remaining camper years! Read our interview with her below, and learn how this could happen to your family!

Question: How did you get so many friends to sign up for Camp Huawni in 2021? Answer: Honestly, it was easy because…Camp Huawni sold itself…and we shared our experiences with anyone who would listen!

Question: What advice would you give to moms participating in the 5 Friends Campaign this year? Answer: Have your kids think about which of their friends they would LOVE to have come to camp and start there. The Huwani staff made it easy to host virtual info sessions and post on social media to help share the experience.

Question: What was the experience for your kids in having their friends join them this summer? Answer: They were so excited to share their special place with their friends. The energy and excitement leading up to camp was contagious! We even had friends that couldn’t join our session that were excited to give it a try and had a great experience. Even though they weren’t in the same cabin (different ages, genders) they loved getting to see them at events throughout the session.

Question: Not only did you get at least 5 friends to come to camp this summer, but you also won camp for life for one of your children! How do you feel about that? Answer: It’s incredible! We really can’t believe it happened but are so thankful for our friends to take a leap of faith that Camp Huawni could also be a great option for their kids.

Question: How do you plan/hope to get more friends to join your family at camp Huawni next summer? Answer: We’re always planting seeds! With our friends who came last year…we had been talking about it for a while. These big life decisions take time, so start the conversations early.

It’s that simple! Share your Huawni story with your kid’s friends who they’d love to have join them at camp. If Huawni has been a gift to your family, invite other families to experience the magic with you! Not only will your child get to share their second home with their friends, but they also get the chance to continue experiencing camp for FREE. Sign up for 5 Friends now!

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