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This time of year is special for so many reasons, and one of which is the food! No Thanksgiving or Christmas gathering is complete without all of the food that we get to enjoy. We asked our staff to send us their favorite recipes/meals to give you some inspiration as you are preparing your own thanksgiving feasts!

Hollin L.: “My favorite thanksgiving dish is my grandma’s mashed potatoes! Not only because they are delicious but because I have helped her make them every thanksgiving ever since I was little!“

TJ: “One of my favorite thanksgiving is a combo of two things. My nana made mashed potatoes and zipper cream peas. That combo makes me feel at home.”

Mackenzie : “I absolutely love my mom’s green bean casserole and look forward to it every year! There’s just something about it that brings me comfort each year.”

Natalie: “The thing I look forward to most at Thanksgiving is my mom’s pecan pie. I can still remember cooking it with her as a kid!”

Lainey : “I absolutely love carrot soufflé! My Mother in Law gets it from Festive Kitchen in Dallas- and it’s like eating dessert for dinner, which is always a win in my book.”

Elizabeth Anne P. : “My favorite Thanksgiving food is Big Mama’s mac and cheese! It’s a secret family recipe and is one of my most favorite foods of all time!”

Jacob C. : “My aunt makes Sister Schubert’s parker house style rolls with this amazing honey butter she makes herself and I’ll stuff myself up on those alone.”

CeeCee G. : “My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my grandma’s homemade dressing. Ever since I could remember, she’s always had me make it with her, and now I’ve been making it for her. I love that the recipe has been passed down to me, from her. It is a family and friend favorite too! It goes perfectly with just about anything you’ll eat for Thanksgiving dinner!”

One thing that strikes me as I was reading over these responses were how most of these dishes were associated with a family member. I truly love food, and it’s the main reason I love thanksgiving, but what I love about food (aside from the taste of course) is how it brings people together. When I think of Thanksgiving, I think about me and my family eating food together that was prepared by the whole family. I still call my Mawmaw or Mom for recipes and how to cook certain dishes that I grew up eating. It keeps us connected and passes down tradition!

We at Camp Huawni sure have a lot to be thankful for and the relationships that we have with staff and families are a big one. We hope that you enjoy your meals this Thanksgiving, but more importantly we hope that you enjoy your meals with people you love this Thanksgiving.

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