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This past Sunday, we began our last session of the summer! We are excited to have our Session 5 campers for our last week.

After campers unpacked, they enjoyed Ms. Ada’s famous fried chicken in the Dining Hall! Following dinner, campers watched counselors participate in Opening Night Show! Opening Night Show is a gameshow style competition filled with fun tasks, like egg roulette and bobbing for apples. We then headed over to the Front Lawn for a quick game of Capture the Flag!

On Monday, campers had their first full day of activities! Campers were able to try new things like the Critter and the Ropes course! We ended the day with Talent Show! This night gives campers an opportunity to show off their skills and overcome fears.

Here at Camp Huawni, we fish on Tuesday nights! Fishing is a time for campers to slow down and enjoy the time with the people around them. Campers headed out to H-Pond to eat worms, make s’mores, cane pole fish, and watch counselors participate in chubby bunny. We finished out the night with Sing Song, another famous Huawni tradition. Staff lead by singing and playing guitar while everyone sings along to songs like You Are My Sunshine, Wagon Wheel, and the Camp Song to name a few. Campers enjoy Sing Song because it provides consistency. Every year, kids can sing the same songs with the friends they’ve made over the years!

Today, we participated in another famous Huawni tradition - Hike to the Carving Trees. Campers hiked up camp road to the Penson Creek to cool off and play in the mud. Both campers and counselors covered each other head to toe in mud! After venturing up the creek on an excursion, campers enjoyed some watermelon on the bank. Once back at main camp, campers cleaned up for Cookout! This special tradition marks the halfway point of a session, and campers are able to enjoy hotdogs and hamburgers on the Front Lawn with all of camp! Counselors shared the stories of The Blue Wolf, Joe Shields, and the famous Wild Woman.

Once the sun set, campers went out to hunt for the Wild Woman, where they were able to spot her multiple times throughout camp!

It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through our last session, but campers still have lots to look forward to with Celebration tomorrow and Critter Pond Mixer and Initiation on Friday!

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