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Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas in July at camp! Campers’ eyes lit up as they walked in the Dining Hall for breakfast and were greeted with a winter wonderland.

We continued Christmas with a gingerbread house making competition in the Dining Hall. Campers built houses with their cabins, with structures ranging from armadillos to cabins. The Grinch even made and appearance!

After lunch, we resumed tribal competition with the Archery Tournament and Run for the Roses! Caddo littles and Tejas bigs took home the golden arrows at archery, and Tejas won Run for the Roses.

We also hosted Celebration last night! Celebration is a time for campers to gather and have fun together on one of the last nights of camp. It is a carnival themed night activity with prizes and two-stepping! We ended the night by watching the Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate!

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