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After a fantastic two weeks, Session 4 has come to an end. We closed out the session by finishing up Tribal Competition with All Day Comp, Run for the Roses, and the Archery Tournament. Ultimately, the Blue Tejas came away with the victory!

This session, we welcomed 10 new initiates into the Huawni Tribe:

James F.
Brooks H.
Larkin H.
Sawyer H.
Corban M.
Casey O.
Lucy O.
Ruth K.
Libby S.
Harrison S.

At the end of every session, campers elect a Chief and Princess, who are typically older campers who demonstrate leadership and embody the Huawni spirit. This session’s Chief and Princess are James F. and Maya S.! Congratulations to both campers!

It’s hard to believe our last session begins tomorrow! We have had an awesome session and are excited for Session 5!

Check out this session’s Highlight Video:

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