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Whether the Texas weather agrees or not, Summer time is officially coming to an end, which means that school is back in session and the countdown for next summer is officially on! And with the season ending, we can’t help but look back on this past summer at Huawni and reminisce on all the memories made.

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Summer 2022 at Camp Huawni saw over 600 campers and 54 staff return to an environment with a sense of normalcy and belonging, with 200 of those campers and staff being new initiates! One of the things that we love about Huawni is that it is a second home for so many and provides consistency in an inconsistent world. Ms. Ada was still frying chicken (over 2000 pieces to be exact), our campers still looked for and found the Wild Woman, and we all felt the cool embrace of the Shelby County Breeze as the sounds of Salty Dog and Froggy went a Courtin echoed throughout the Piney Woods of East Texas. Even if you couldn’t experience this for yourself we hope that you got a glimpse of what summer was like through your camper’s stories, the over 50,000 tagged camper photos on BUNK1 and our Session Highlight videos on youtube!

This summer would not have been possible without all of you, and we are grateful for your support and trust in us to run a successful summer camp. Year after year we partake in lasting traditions and enjoy the simplicity of Huawni. Camp allows one to find their true significance and purpose while having a sense of belonging in this world. We hope that the lessons they’ve learned at camp continue in our Camper’s lives as they transition back to school. We’re thankful for another summer with you all, and we’ll remember this summer from now on!

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