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Fall is officially here and everyone is back at school! You might be thinking of camp and missing camp as you sit in your classroom(don’t worry we are too.) You’re probably wondering what happens at camp in the fall or maybe you are wondering how camp looks in the fall. Well believe it or not you already know! Now think back to camp, specifically cook-out and storytelling. We hear the legendary tales of Joe Shields and the Wild Woman, but remember “The Blue Wolf” story for now!

If you remember, the Blue Wolf story was about how Daddy Earl went out to camp in the fall to check on his cows. The trees looked a little different in the fall though. The trees that weren’t evergreen were called….. Deciduous! Meaning the leaves will fall off in the fall and come back in the spring. You can hear for miles when there are no leaves in the trees, which is how Daddy Earl heard the hound dog barking at the blue wolf.

So when you’re thinking of how camp looks in the fall, think back to the stories you heard at cookout and remember the Blue Wolf running around in the deciduous trees! We know camp feels so far away, but think back to all the memories made and remember camp will be here before you know it!

P.S. Don’t forget to be looking out for details about camp for 2023!

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